I’d rather closed my eyes



if I close my left eye
I would see beauties and peacefulness
really  wonderful


if I close my right eye
I would see violence and jealousy
  so pathetic


when I open both eyes
I would see suffering and oppression
that broke my heart


oh dear….., I’d rather closed my eyes
sleep on the land of God
seen nothing but love


- mei -

photo: http://www.desktopnexus.com/


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26 responses to “I’d rather closed my eyes

  1. Well,eyes should be closed because as this era Pakistan is suffering is not bearable and ears should be too as the voices of cries and bullets always raises in our sea(country)….
    Any way nice thoughts you have

  2. Close them all, my dear — eyes and ears. Walk with an open heart that borrows its light from the soul within. Of what I know of your soul, it shines in brilliance!
    May His blessings be with your always, my beautiful friend!

  3. Your message is very strong and deep, dear Meiro!

    I wish that in the moment, live in the land of God, keep my eyes open and see the harmony and love between all people of the world!

    Have a wonderful day and many blessings, dear Meiro!

    Big hugs, much love,
    Stefania! :)

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