life’s evidence

She moves  slow in the crowd
People grumbling about her
why …., what’s the matter?
she doesn’t understand
that she is the barrier

look in the mirror
trying to find wrong
nothing ….but wrinkles and gray hair
shaky hands with appearing veins

re look into the mirror
staring eyes to eyes
try to believe what she saw
but still confusing
“Grandma” a little girl approaching
She looks at her,  smiling with doubt


 again look in the mirror
she just realized, time has changed her
She takes the little girl on her lap
whispered, you are the fact of my life
The evidence of sixty-four year journey of my life


– mei _

W a t e r

glimpse by the sun
so beautiful

sparkling like diamonds
such as morning dews
such as tears
cold, satisfying thirst
life depending on it
we need it
we need them
keep and cherish it
Maintain sustained
just use to taste
no water
no life
Neither do we
do not let it upset

gathered  drops
become large and lots
creating  flood
rumbled, crashing blindly

harm and kill
cherish and grateful
to the nature
on behalf of
our children

our grandchildren
and the next generation
to their future

submission to Thursday Poets Rally Week 36 Dec 29. 2010 - Jan 5. 2011 
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little boy

the little boy
siting on the mall’s stairs
watching people come and out
carrying shopping bags
some are laughing
some are rushing
he saw a man
who’s siting near by
giving ice cream to his son
reminding him to his late father

mind drawn about him
he will buy me ice cream
he will also by beside me
to celebrate the evening
He is wiping his tears
remained seating
pressing his stomach
so hungry
Hopes of kindness
to give him food
but no one cares

the man near by
Asking about his parentage
His just shaking head
he then
taking his hand
ask him to celebrate
the night with his family
nothing to say
just teary eyes
reaching the man’s hand
Tears changed to a smile
smiling for
the most beautiful
new year gift
he ever had


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gathering..,  ongoing time filled  with
snacking,  drinking,  smoking,  joking,
laughing, get drunk, dawn is coming
getting tired, all sleep, then
morning arrived,
and night

everyone was happy
friend in need is friend in deed?

good bye best friend…, good bye

that beautiful face

carved by wrinkles of pain
her enchanting smile vanished
change to groans
those beautiful brown eyes
planted of suffering
sometime conscious

of the heavy suffer
but it’s not enough
to make as reason
nor to decline
or discouraging spirit
like a whip plash
lash to keep moving
keep continued
fighting and struggling
against the pain
even it’s the last chance
still has to be reached
then she try again
with her last strength
suddenly just stop
weakly eyes tearing
seems  she realized
the battle cannot be won
in despair feel no pain
distance……, breaths
weakly breath
silence surrounding
I have no heart to tell
But it should be told
my friend you tried so hard
with no regret no doubt

if you have to …., please go
the angels will be by your side
taken you in rest and peace
till we meet again
good-bye best friend…..good bye


Why must be her…?

at the time you came to me
seems something you wanna say
struggling to be expressed
but no words spoken

then you look around
don’t understand what is happening
and again…, try
still nothing appears
you crouched in despair
venting with eyes teary

when I look at your face,   then I see your eyes
I knew there was so much you want to say
but still can’t
heart feel like slicing
the world seems falling
too hurt to believe
my dear little angel
you’re too innocent to understand
your deaf is my pain
your mute is my wound
and your misery will always be mine too


forever… and… ever

the very first moment I saw you
you made my heart beat at the cool day
I can’t stop thinking of you
and deep in my heart I knew
that you are the one I’ve waited for

you are so lovely
your smile lights up my entire spirit
your presence warms around the room
I believed that
you are made especially for me
heaven knows that I am hoping
I wish I could
be beside you where ever you go

be around when ever you want
nothing can keep me from getting to you
no distance can put us of being together
forever…….., and………, ever

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but you face me in cynical
why, I don’t understand
tell me….., please tell me…….
then you said : … Keep dreaming, I won’t be yours
forever…….., and………, ever


Missing you


whisper of yearning caressing,
as if you are here
the longing builds
like a storm on the horizon
tears falling
like rain with no doubt
tearing the heart that scratched
of losing you……,

as I watch you walk away,
I screamed and begged
“please…….. take me with you!”
but you keep walking away
the chains of lonely bind me again
waiting for you to release
and take me with you……,
though just a small part of my heart


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My eyes  see
don’t ask what I saw


My ears hear
don’t ask what I heard

My lips kiss
don’t ask who had been kissed

My hand holds
don’t ask who was held

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my eyes, ears, lips and hands ….., they are still at placed
and I….,
I am here … but could not feel it
perhaps I’m on way to find eternity


– mei –