running with time

standing in front of the mirror
noticing my face started to wrinkled
oh…., I am getting older
along with time
t i m e
could you stop for a while
then I could delay  
the spreading wrinkles
it won’t stop
it doesn’t care
it doesn’t understand
it just keep on running
while wrinkles keep on spreading
let’s forget the wrinkles
please just stop
although only for a moment
I need to take a breath
to put  some make-up to thinning of the wrinkles


39 thoughts on “running with time

  1. I simply wanted to inform you how much I actually appreciate all you’ve contributed to help improve lives of people in this subject matter. Through your own articles, we have gone via just a newcomer to a skilled in the area. It is truly a homage to your initiatives. Thanks

  2. Your blog is so beautiful. Time…well, I am 67 so I have already gathered the barnacles of life, but what intrigues me is that I feel link a young woman trapped in an old woman’s body. Even with my grandmotherly body, I love this time in my life. It is more peaceful, reflective, I treasure each moment more. So wrinkles, sags, etc., are part of it, but it does not have to be something we dread. People often tell me that I am beautiful. I expect that is because I reflect the Light and Love they need. A beautiful gift to give. Thanks for visiting me, too. Lovely poem, here. Hugs, pat

  3. Wrinkles are the guidelines of life,
    Showing all the love and the strife,
    Letting everyone see your maturity,
    It’s all very beautiful to me.
    If you have any success with time, let me know. Beautiful poem.

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