at the corner of the room
he is moaning, writhing
the demand is heading
sweat, saliva and snot
fused as a stream
his eyes inverted
tongue hanging

he grab the syringe
stabbed in to his arm
then enjoy the drugs
flowing to the body
a delicious torment
created by his own

his mother who sits at the side bed
doesn’t know what else to do
tears on the corner of her eyes

he looked at her with guilty feeling
wipe away her tears
and make promise again
for the umpteenth time
to no longer use it

she just sit flat
doesn’t believe

he knelt down and wept
“I’m not going to make you cry again,
please believe me for the last time”

she hold and hugged him
“keep on promise to yourself,
for me, your promise is just a mirage”

image by : Suki has an opinion
- mei -