me and a pen

there are so much to say
and to disclosed
but it just spinning in my head
don’t know how to expressed
my chest feel burdened
my head feel heavy
seems the time goes so slow
and creating boring days


suddenly you came
brought me a pen
I start disclosing the feeling
while you just sit still and watch
slowly my chest felt loose
my head seems mild
but when I realize
you were gone
leaving me and the pen


– mei –




6 thoughts on “me and a pen

  1. wow dear friend you expressed very smmothly very hard feelings
    i feel it and appreciate your ability to say in lightly way but i know how hard it is .Is it not part of life and how difficult it is go through .
    thanks my friend God blessed you the power to express youself in very lightly in easy way.
    keep it up thanks

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