prisoner of a dream


blue eyes
you were present when the sleep almost end
when the dawn coming to drag the night
when the dew falling on the thirsty grass
letting this self swinging in hope


blue eyes
your stare is so soothing
as if dripping the passion on the days
and moistening the arid of elapsed time
then pulled to the edge of passion


blue eyes
you were gone when the dream is not over
leave the unattainable desires
as the unfulfilled hunger
such as flowers wilted before growing


blue eyes
you create a floating tempest
can not be touched but could be felt
created a sign on the burrows of hope
to be back to the dream about you


– mei

20 thoughts on “prisoner of a dream

  1. I think in dreams we see further into the Blue eyes
    and reflect what they are all about..
    you write withs uch heart language Mei…
    I enjoy wandering with you on your journeys of memories…
    Thank you

  2. Blue Eyes, …you create a beautiful black hole among the stars and universe that always draws me in; and holds me for a minute or two.

    Ms. Mei, THANK YOU for the blog nomination. It humbles and embarrasses me in that yours is so much more deserving of a recognition like this then mine about my family. AND THEN, as I scrolled down your blog to get tot he award, I saw you nominated me for your previous award, that I didn’t know about! Bless you! It seems my work is cut out for me this weekend. Thank you my friend!

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