the feeling inside

when the sun calling

I did not answer

my eyes that accustomed to the dark

can not afford to look on the bright

when the night calling

I replied out loud

because it is my ally

to meditate in a sea of thoughts

lit by a candle

connect the dots into letters

crochet stanzas into poem

to shed the agitated in the chest

only for one reason

to let out the feeling inside my chest

4 thoughts on “the feeling inside

  1. Very lovely, as usual, Meiro. I truly hope that sitting in the dark with candle light isn’t the only way you can be inspired, though. I have written in those circumstances before, however. When a person wants to be somber about what they write, that is a good environment to be in. The best time of day for me to write is probably in the very early morning at the beginning of a new day. But most of my inspiration comes in the light of day. Everyone is different, though, and that’s why it is a beautiful world, don’t you think? I love your writings! – tom

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