deep inside


after all you’ve done to me
My mind says to leave the pain you’ve created
but the love’s chain you’d put around me… too tight

after all you’ve done to me
my mind says to leave the disappointment that cause
but the love’s poison you’d given… fainting me

sometime when you are far away
my heart keeps saying that I miss you

sometime when you are close to me
my mind forgot the engraved wound

and my heart says just wait and hope
and my mind says no more disappointment

and my heart says it’s gonna be alright
and my mind says you will live in pain

but deep inside
I knew this feeling wouldn’t end


– mei –

6 thoughts on “deep inside

  1. One more best poem and great lines. Truly said by you my sweet friend Mei
    To love and beloved, poison is like honey doesnt matter how we want to go far from beloved, we keep thought he/she always in mind we cant stay alone coz they don’t let us stay alone – always thinking about them and it is called love. Very harmfull poison and miserable but very sweet, very seductive and irresistable.
    Keep writing, God bless you my friend with your great writing.

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