dream in vain


the love melody haunts me

intoned the poem of you

the reflection of you draw me into reverie

lead me across the desert of love

threw me into the ocean of romance

though you are far away

the love music would not die

while the lyrics remained in my heart

to go with the futile dream


– mei –






you suckle at my breasts

you fall asleep in my lap

you cry in my arms

you sick I awake

Your wish is my prayer

your trouble is in my mind

my face lines carved by your tears

my tears to pay your suffering

I hide my misery

but keeping you happy

I sacrifice my hopes

but lash your spirit

not a cent in return


love and respect

you are not aware yet

I believe you will…, one day

the time you became as me

the time you became a mother

at that time you will understand

the sincerity

of being a mother