the hidden secrets of woman’s heart



This part was quoted from The Broken Wings one of the literary works of Khalil Gibran that I liked.

I think it’s true, what do you think?



The poets and writers are trying to understand the reality of woman,

but up to this day they have not understood the hidden secrets

of her heart because they look upon her from

behind the sexual veil

and see nothing but externals;

they look upon her through the magnifying glass of hatefulness

and find nothing except weakness and submission.

In another occasion she said, pointing to the carved pictures

on the walls of the temple,

“In the heart of this rock there are two symbols depicting

the essence of a woman’s

desires and revealing the hidden secrets of her soul,

moving between love and sorrow

between affection and sacrifice,

between Ishtar sitting on the throne and

Mary standing by the cross.

The man buys glory and reputation,

but the woman pays the price.



The Broken Wings

by: Kahlil Gibran