the hidden secrets of woman’s heart



This part was quoted from The Broken Wings one of the literary works of Khalil Gibran that I liked.

I think it’s true, what do you think?



The poets and writers are trying to understand the reality of woman,

but up to this day they have not understood the hidden secrets

of her heart because they look upon her from

behind the sexual veil

and see nothing but externals;

they look upon her through the magnifying glass of hatefulness

and find nothing except weakness and submission.

In another occasion she said, pointing to the carved pictures

on the walls of the temple,

“In the heart of this rock there are two symbols depicting

the essence of a woman’s

desires and revealing the hidden secrets of her soul,

moving between love and sorrow

between affection and sacrifice,

between Ishtar sitting on the throne and

Mary standing by the cross.

The man buys glory and reputation,

but the woman pays the price.



The Broken Wings

by: Kahlil Gibran



42 thoughts on “the hidden secrets of woman’s heart

  1. Meiro,the poem is enchanting .The majority of men in the country look at women as the poet suggested .I studied Gibran Khalil Gibran his philosophy and William Blake’s philosophy.Women IN Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive a car.,women in the West are becoming Presidents of a developed countries .Gibran didn’t live long to see that.Wishing you a wonderful and healthy new year.with respect jalal

  2. You know when i write, sing my passionate praises of love to God, but also to my wife, this being very symbolic because of the oneness of us all being a a part of the one living God! When i write romantically i write in a symbolic way to praise the beautiful traits that makes up a women. In proverbs the 31st chapter Solomon speaks of the wife of noble character…my mother was one, and my wife is another, and all my sisters in this blog world are also! For you are all precious treasures who value is beyond compare, So when i write, i lift up my wife but all the women who touch my heart and inspire my spirit every day, and even those who i do not know but save through the spirit of my Lord I did a poem “Far Away From Me”. God sees all things and when women are mistreated in every part of the world He sees and there will be a price to pay! Love every women, for they are mothers like your mothers and sisters like your sisters, and aunts like your aunts, and grandmothers like your grandmothers. Gods words the two become one, not unequal but one and the same! Thanks for the beautiful post my sister. Be strong and be blessed!

  3. Kahlil Gibran was an incredible man who many view as a mystic or prophet. As your readers identified his words are still true today and will be true for all the tomorrows to come. There are many ways to read a poem and I hear the strength and divinity in these words a little differently.

    A women pays the price because of her power…her power to give birth to the future. The future of good, the future of pain, and sorrow. A man has only glory in the moment he stakes his claim…a woman’s glory is an eternity… glory in all of mankind…it is the secret of her soul…All life passes through the womb. She is God’s vessel for all humanity, for all love, all goodness, all power.

  4. very nice post…as a man (dont hate me haha) I think women are a great source of strength. Real men are able to accomplish more with a strong woman by their side. Many legendary men would not have reached a level of glory without that strong support by their side. That soft voice that allows men to be secretly weak enough to remove their armor and recharge. That beautiful spirit that makes men want to conquer the world if not just to give it to them…. but what do I know, I am just a guy.

  5. I think is it not only incredibly beautiful…
    it is so sadly true…..

    even in todays world of awakening and enlightenment
    women still pay the price….

    I think sometimes i will live to see woman take her rightful place…
    then sometimes, I think I will not….

    Thank You….

    Thank you for sharing Meiro….

    Take care…

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