the forbidden love

the moonlight streaming dimly over her
make her eyes sparkled in hoping
through the window she looks and waiting
for the man that she loved to come

behind the gray haze his figure appears
slowly walk towards her under the moonlight
she rushes unlocked the door
and let herself into his warmth holds

he laid her in the silver shadows
with the moonlight stream dimly over her
she waits him to come over her face
to fill the long longing that had been seeped

he has belonged to someone else
but her love was too strong to admit
defeating the thoughts from feelings
raised the courage to cover the mistake

the night will soon pass and dawn is coming
a certainly pain sudden stabbed her inner
spoken the same words as the nights before
would you still love me tomorrow?

till death do us part

Almost a year ago when my mom knows that I love to write poetry, she gave me
a piece of obsolete letter and asked me to create a poem.
Mom said that the letter was given by my late father as
a dowry on their wedding day.

I tried not to change the original words and this is it……

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