till death do us part

Almost a year ago when my mom knows that I love to write poetry, she gave me
a piece of obsolete letter and asked me to create a poem.
Mom said that the letter was given by my late father as
a dowry on their wedding day.

I tried not to change the original words and this is it……

In early cold November
in the dark night of the small city
I saw her for the first time
she was standing on the hospital’s balcony
her silky white clothes blew by wind
shows the fascination of her beauty
I knew, I am in love with her  
and can’t stop thinking of her  
wishing she’ll be mine and
praying for my dreams became a reality
after that night I kept imagining of her


A morning light splashed to my room
she is lying beside me with her long curl hair
through my love
I am carving her beautiful face
in my heart

for then
she freely gave me her love
and that strengthen me
to adore her

to love her
then I pray to God
to guide me
for having her as my wife
then on our wedding day
I will make a vow

that I would make her happy

through my days with her
until death do us part

She was a nurse and she is still very healthy at the age of 80th.
Happy birthday Mom, I love you and may you always be in God’s love


4 thoughts on “till death do us part

  1. What a beautiful expression of love….
    we all wish for someone to write their thoughts out loud….
    in such a loving way…

    Beautiful Meiro You did an extraordiary piece of art for your Moo…

    Thank you for sharing

    Take care…

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