the moment before I released her

I stand beside
gaze on her face
deep brown hair
delicate features
of her mother
she is my beautiful one

magnolia-white skin
in ivory-white satin
veils and white roses
make me proud
for being the father
of my beautiful one

she looked at me
put her hand around my arm
tears on her black lashes
of her dark brown eyes
whisper “I love you Papa”
it’s my beautiful one

steps trembling
heart pounding
let off my girl
to the altar
“I love you too, my beautiful one”


9 thoughts on “the moment before I released her

    • The time will certainly come
      We will be very nervous and wondering to ourself whether our children will be happy or is this the right person for him/her….., and lot more wondering? But whatever it’s their choice, we can only pray for their best.

      All best.

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