a dream be in dreams


the sound of music makes my soul vibrates
bring memory to my home town

I try to avoid it and run away
but wherever I go it’s still annoying
and seducing me to go home

I don’t want to hear it
I don’t want to go home
since my dream is still out of reach

it now embedded in my ear
where ever I go I could hear consistently
is this a reminding?

I closed my eyes and let
my mind flirts with the feeling
threw away the boundaries of the night
looking for a decision

now I’m humming along with the music
I’d been chasing my dream for too long
the music gave me a sign to go home
I want to go home to the land I came from
I have to go home to the people I loved
and let my dream be in dreams


– mei –




36 thoughts on “a dream be in dreams

  1. Now with that being said Mei, on the next night i posted something that is very, very special for me to do, especially for you…I nominated you to receive “THE HUG AWARD”, i could say many things about you my friend but this one comes from deep places in my heart. You are special…and you inspire many, and all that you write and do, symbolizes that you want to help make everyone better in this world by your messages, your poems and the touch of love that you leave in their hearts. So i congratulate you again, and here’s “A GREAT BIG HUG” for you! Have a very blessed evening my lovely sister, and friend for life!

  2. Mei, i nominated you for the commenter blog award on May 8th! I don’t think you got the notification of my post! You have always visted my site and left comments on my poems, but not just mine, a lot of people whom care about you and who you have become lasting friends with! I share a wonderful spiritual bond with you through our poetry and the positve messsages we always send from our hearts! My sister i consider you a friend, and i feel honored and humbled at both the same time to nominate your for this award! Thanks for your sincerity always for i allways feel your spiritual DNA in your poems and messages which always lift me up each day! Congratulations!

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  4. dreams are of the heart, the soul whispers….
    we each have to follow them in our own way that works for us in this moment of time
    doesn’t mean we let go of the dream, we just find a new way of making it so…..
    Beautiful as always Meiro…..
    Take Care…

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