differences of meeting and parting

I love to be with you since the first time we met
I love seeing you when chasing the butterfly
I love everything about you
such a beautiful moment which
turns my world became shine of love’s joyful
created our time of together into a pleasures of romances which absorb in me
and made me addicted of being with you
but … after you left me
I hate thinking of you
I hate of being embraced by your shadow
I hate everything about you
and I can’t get rid of it

for such a long time,  even
drags my world became misty in a pleasure of sorrows
and sunk me to enjoy the pleasure of being apart

I love you but I hate you and I don’t care whatever it is
because I had already in it
I only knew that the differences of meeting and parting are so thin
while I was already addicted to both of each pleasure

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