love makes no differences

only love

that have

no differences


rich and poor

young and old

animals and nature

only love

can create

the sense of equal

to every creatures


to give and be given

and share in a loyalty

14 thoughts on “love makes no differences

  1. Beautiful Meiro…
    such Peace will reign when we once and for all realize
    we are drawn to simiarities, but the differences are reflections
    of ourselves that we haven’t seen and need to….
    Great video..!
    Thank you for always sharing such a kindness in a world that has so little….
    Take Care…
    You Matter…

  2. This is a beautiful post with a great video. I agree Love heals all! What a world we could create if we love instead of hate. And someone mentioned the dog as giving great love. My thought dog is God spelled backwards. Any creature who has the same letters as God is created by God in God’s love. This creature can only be love!

    Thank you for this wonderful uplifting post.

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