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there are four questions of value in life

what is sacred

of what is the spirit made

what is worth living for

what is worth dying

the answer to each is the same

only love

– mei –

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native American prayer

oh Great spirit

whose voice I hear in the wind, and whose breath gives life to all the world

hear me, I am small and weak

I need your strength and wisdom

let me walk in beauty and my eyes never behold the red and purple sunset

makes my hands respect the things you have

made my ears sharp to hear your voice

make me wise so that I may understand the things

you have taught my people

let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock

I seek strength not to be greater than my brother but to fight my greatest enemy

 “my self”

make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes

so when life’s fade as the fading sunset my spirit will come to you without shame


– mei –

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native American’s quote

I am strong
I am weak

I am beautiful
I know my flaws

I am a lover
I was a fighter

I am fearless
I have been afraid

I am wise
I have been foolish

Now I can laugh
I have none sadness.

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I like this piece hope you’ll like it as well.
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m e i r o

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the university of life

when our heart has been hurt badly, it means that we are learning about forgive

when we are tired and disappointed, it means that we are learning about sincerity

when we are feeling lonely and alone, it means that we are learning about toughness

when we have to pay something which was not our responsibility,

it means that we are learning about generosity

be patient
keep learning
keep on spirit
keep smiling
keep loving

we are studying at the university of life



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a dream under the heaps of waste

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the because that countless

do I have love
yes I do

to whom
to my God


He will embraced me while I am in hardship

He will give when I am asking

He will loving me forever

no comparison to His love

His love is limitless

He is the unconditionally love
He is my everlasting lover

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

the dignity that mortgaged

the lamps weakly spreading its light let the yellow haze licking the road

as if it wanted to say frankly to the silent night

to expel those flirts women that offering their bodies

who’s waiting in the dim with friendly smile on their lips

hoping for men

looking for money

the windows shop are watching pity, seems like want to complain

but to whom?

all seemed do not want to know

anxiety and anger fenced, like storm in the world’s prison

seeking answers to the fate of some women that had been torn

heart struggling and the soul crying, but was unable to act

all just silent

all speechless

does the nature knows why some women had to pawn their dignity

there is no answer

not even a word

disappointment was laying unanswered

of the dignity that mortgaged

– mei –

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Dalai Lama – quotes

The many factors which divide us are actually much more superficial than those we share.

Despite all of the things that differentiate us – race, language, religion, gender, wealth and so on

we are all equal concerning our fundamental humanity.

-Dalai Lama-

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my mail to a haven’t met brother

somewhere far away
at a place that I couldn’t see
a land which I might never be there
there is a friend
a very good friend
which I have not met
which I have not seen
but has a beautiful heart
who I think had been sent by God
to raised the spirit on my empty days
to care earnestly and sincerely love me
thank you so much for being a wonderful friend
thanks you so much for loving me, brother
I will love you as much as you loved me
I will pray for your freely loving care
blessed your beautiful heart
blessed be for always
blessed you

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since I left my heart



I left my heart under the wet ground
sprinkled with rose petals
to make it look beautiful from the taints of disappointment

I left my heart under the wet ground
sprinkled with white jasmine
to make it look clean from the taints of pain

I left my heart under the wet ground
covered with the smiles
for no one would know that my soul is crying

now I have no heart
I would not know any of pain
since I cannot feel anymore

suddenly someone put a little piece of love in my hand
and said take back your heart then give it to God
let His love heal the pain

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the insight on forgiveness

Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling.
If you wait until something or someone makes things happen before you start forgiving,
you will be waiting your whole life!

When you forgive, it doesn’t mean you approve of what others did to you.

Forgiveness is actually a gift you give to yourself, giving you permission to move on with your life.

Anger, bitterness and hatred can consume and dominate you.
It changes who you really are.
It can contaminate your relationships with other people.
It can poison you on all levels of your body – emotionally, physically,
mentally and spiritually until it manifests into illness or diseases.
It will follow you wherever you go, no matter how many times you move and “run away” from your
your problems are just sitting on your shoulder until you decide to “let them go”.

Since people are human, humans are not perfect and they can make mistakes.
You can face these people if they wronged you and if you don’t get what you need from them
in order for you to move on with your life, then give yourself permission to “let it go” and disconnect
or unplug your relationship from them, if you wish.

Remember, “People can not give you what they don’t have.”
For example, if someone doesn’t have the ability in their hearts to apologize, you won’t get any
sincere apology from them.

If a person lacks empathy, they won’t have the ability to put themselves in your shoes and
understand what you went through.

Do not give your power away to others.

The only person that controls you is you.
By constantly relieving the past, you are giving the person who wronged you permission to control your life!

You can not change what has happened in the past.
You can not go back in time to undo it but you can decide what you want for the future.
You can get help and the support you need.
You can bring healing to yourself and others.
You can be an advocate and a spokesperson.
You can view it as a learning experience to make yourself stronger than you are now.
You may ask, “But what happens to that ***** who wronged me?
I want him/her to suffer!”

Well, what goes around comes around!
The best revenge is living well!

There is no timeline for recovery.
Time doesn’t mend broken hearts.
It is what you do with your time that matters most.

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I who have nothing

people say I have nothing


I still have care to share

people say I have nothing


I still have love to give

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a sense to share

let it

high as the sky

deep as the ocean

wide as the horizon

spread  to everyone

let  them  enjoy

the splendour

the  miracle

the beauty



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crying for loss

there is blood spilled on this land

some people have lost their lives

tears falling of the grief over the death

caused  the fall of an air plane
some says it’s because of human error
the others says it’s because of the weather
the other one mention the price of an airplane
they are arguing each other

give me a break
what in the world is going on?
there are people crying for their lost

we supposed in grieving
we supposed to be mourn
for the heartbreaking tragedy

may they rest in peace
and those that abandoned to be given the strength

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something to tell

I think that I am a dreamer, which follow my imagination

which dancing with the sense and mind

wishing of something to tell

I think I belong to the words, and make them my world

  playing with the lines of a poem

wishing of something to tell

but often my imagination seems friendless

the words are seems so endless

and the lines of the poem so far away

for there is nothing to tell

and sometimes when I am feeling so helpless

when I am almost to surrender

then I remember that I am a dreamer

so I have to be had

something to tell

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a remaining part of this heart

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a stupid astonishment

I wonder…..,
why humans tend to get close to the wealthy than the poor

is it wrong if….,
the poor be helped and be taught to get more?

I wonder why….,
the wealthy is getting valued and not the poor

they are the same

equally consists of both blood and bone
equally had sense
equally will be dead
wealth or poverty just a fate
but both are equally need to be respected

a neglected friend

my best friend,
I miss you as you walked away
my chest was stifled of being alone
no more friend to share
nor to complain
I am so lost
missing you make my tears fall
on to the pillow
this morning when I will replace the sheath
I was really surprised
of so much tears stamped on it
my tears had seeped into it
yes…. in the pillow
I then realized
for I still have a good friend
the one that soft and silent
but being a good listener for my complains
a friend where my tears fall
a friend that accompanies me during sleep
a neglected old friend
my best friend,
I will always miss you
’cause you are the best

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before the time stops ticking

I keep on pursuing my dreams

until they are left behind and being neglected

yes they ………

those people…….

who are surrounding me

who had filled my days

who needed love and care

who hate and abuse me

I  should realize that the world’s love is fading

before the time stops ticking

I should

be grateful for their presence in my days

say that I care about them

do good to those who hate me

pray for those who abuse me

spreading the graceful feeling of love to them

let’s come my friends…,

let’s together give love and be loved

let’s spreading smile and love to the world …. for peace


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imperfect human


Sometimes I feel stupid, but sometimes I also feel very smart
Sometimes I feel tired, but sometimes I get so passionate
Sometimes I feel happy, but sometimes I feel very sad
Sometimes I feel rich, sometimes I feel very poor
Sometimes I feel good, but often I feel very bad
I wondered
Why this feeling changing so easily
Why does not always be the same
I keep looking for the answers
 till I come to a conclusion
that I am just a human
imperfect is mine
the perfection is God‘s
so I better shut my mouth
and  enjoy “the sometimes”

the old days (reblogged)

One other poem of 2011.

Today I don’t have the mood to write, but there is one poem that I wrote last year which I often reading. I hope by rebloging the poem you will like to read it as well.
Have a lovely Sunday my friends!

m e i r o


one day

when no one wants me to persuade when crying

when no one asks me to cure while in pain

when no one asks  me to prepare food at when hungry

when no one is looking for me when arrived home


then ….,

I will feel useless

and feel left out


at the old days


– mei –


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John Lennon

“When I was  five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.

When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wrote down “h a p p y”.

They told me I didn’t understand the assignment,


I told them they didn’t understand life

-John Lennon-

have not had the time to bloom

you had said I must be patient and courageous
so I want you also be patient and courageous to faced this

you said if I cry then I will look ugly
so I want you not to cry
then I will remember you as beauty as seen

you had taught me to sincerity give and be given
so I want you to sincerity release me

oh my mother

please do not cry
I am not going too far
just to be close to God
as you said that God loves his children
well I am one of them
and I think He misses me
therefore He asks me to come closer

I know that you will miss me
as I will also miss you
I hope you could release the sense of longing
by seeing those flowers in our garden
cause I would be among them
as a flower bud that have not had the time to bloom
although not for quite long
I am grateful of being your daughter
I love you mother

l o v e

a sense between two creatures

united in a vibration

it’s love

equally perceived

l o v e
is a feeling that can’t be measured
came like an electric shock between two different poles
create a feeling of flying to the land of rainbow
dig a sense of longing
love is beautiful
it’s here
in this heart
but it can create
the carving of sorrow
feels like sliced but not bleed
that difficult to circumvented
bringing misery into the line of dreams
make such days in hell
suffering is painful
it’s here
in this soul
love and sorrow
are in common

both are equally perceived