imperfect human


Sometimes I feel stupid, but sometimes I also feel very smart
Sometimes I feel tired, but sometimes I get so passionate
Sometimes I feel happy, but sometimes I feel very sad
Sometimes I feel rich, sometimes I feel very poor
Sometimes I feel good, but often I feel very bad
I wondered
Why this feeling changing so easily
Why does not always be the same
I keep looking for the answers
 till I come to a conclusion
that I am just a human
imperfect is mine
the perfection is God‘s
so I better shut my mouth
and  enjoy “the sometimes”

the old days (reblogged)

One other poem of 2011.

Today I don’t have the mood to write, but there is one poem that I wrote last year which I often reading. I hope by rebloging the poem you will like to read it as well.
Have a lovely Sunday my friends!

m e i r o


one day

when no one wants me to persuade when crying

when no one asks me to cure while in pain

when no one asks  me to prepare food at when hungry

when no one is looking for me when arrived home


then ….,

I will feel useless

and feel left out


at the old days


– mei –


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