a neglected friend

my best friend,
I miss you as you walked away
my chest was stifled of being alone
no more friend to share
nor to complain
I am so lost
missing you make my tears fall
on to the pillow
this morning when I will replace the sheath
I was really surprised
of so much tears stamped on it
my tears had seeped into it
yes…. in the pillow
I then realized
for I still have a good friend
the one that soft and silent
but being a good listener for my complains
a friend where my tears fall
a friend that accompanies me during sleep
a neglected old friend
my best friend,
I will always miss you
’cause you are the best

4 thoughts on “a neglected friend

  1. You have amazing Heart,do not ever forget that.When ever You feel alone look up and see numerious stars above,they all shine for Your Heart.I believe that true friendship can never be broken.Part of Your friend is with Your heart forever.
    May Your days be blessed by many new real friends!

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