crying for loss

there is blood spilled on this land

some people have lost their lives

tears falling of the grief over the death

caused  the fall of an air plane
some says it’s because of human error
the others says it’s because of the weather
the other one mention the price of an airplane
they are arguing each other

give me a break
what in the world is going on?
there are people crying for their lost

we supposed in grieving
we supposed to be mourn
for the heartbreaking tragedy

may they rest in peace
and those that abandoned to be given the strength


in memorial to the Sukhoi crash victims
may 2012

7 thoughts on “crying for loss

  1. Wow, this was heaps passionate, and pained. Have to tell you, I LOVE your header.

    I really, really cannot imagine losing a loved one. I will not be particularly sad when any of my three sisters die, or my father (my mother suicided when I was six, so that’s over) – but my son, my son – I just cannot cannot imagine living on without my boy I brought into the world, reared, loved from day one. This was a beautiful poem.

    Noeleen, (video diary toward sobriety) / (first draft of a novel I’m writing)

  2. Ya, I watch in the news this morning said about 13 of the victims.
    And you are so true about getting rich, sometimes I wonder when this country would be better if the officials are corrupt.

    My deep condolences.

    Lots of love.

  3. we should mourn and we should ensure that such things dont happen in future, right sis? you know in India too many young army pilots lose their lives because they are forced to fly planes that are flying coffins as per the experts?

    why because some people are getting rich by bribe paid to them, the bloodsoaked money of these young patriots.

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