the insight on forgiveness

Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling.
If you wait until something or someone makes things happen before you start forgiving,
you will be waiting your whole life!

When you forgive, it doesn’t mean you approve of what others did to you.

Forgiveness is actually a gift you give to yourself, giving you permission to move on with your life.

Anger, bitterness and hatred can consume and dominate you.
It changes who you really are.
It can contaminate your relationships with other people.
It can poison you on all levels of your body – emotionally, physically,
mentally and spiritually until it manifests into illness or diseases.
It will follow you wherever you go, no matter how many times you move and “run away” from your
your problems are just sitting on your shoulder until you decide to “let them go”.

Since people are human, humans are not perfect and they can make mistakes.
You can face these people if they wronged you and if you don’t get what you need from them
in order for you to move on with your life, then give yourself permission to “let it go” and disconnect
or unplug your relationship from them, if you wish.

Remember, “People can not give you what they don’t have.”
For example, if someone doesn’t have the ability in their hearts to apologize, you won’t get any
sincere apology from them.

If a person lacks empathy, they won’t have the ability to put themselves in your shoes and
understand what you went through.

Do not give your power away to others.

The only person that controls you is you.
By constantly relieving the past, you are giving the person who wronged you permission to control your life!

You can not change what has happened in the past.
You can not go back in time to undo it but you can decide what you want for the future.
You can get help and the support you need.
You can bring healing to yourself and others.
You can be an advocate and a spokesperson.
You can view it as a learning experience to make yourself stronger than you are now.
You may ask, “But what happens to that ***** who wronged me?
I want him/her to suffer!”

Well, what goes around comes around!
The best revenge is living well!

There is no timeline for recovery.
Time doesn’t mend broken hearts.
It is what you do with your time that matters most.

16 thoughts on “the insight on forgiveness

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  2. it takes a lot of courage when someone harms you too badly. i salute the courage of those people if they mean it. in reality i have seen too many people speaking of forgiveness and then waiting for first chance to get even, or return the damage with interest.

  3. The growth of your heart and spirit, and the seeds they sow will surely always return a greater harvest to your life! The beauty therein is that you become closer again to the creator, so that your heart may taste of His lovesong which is the most important tune to our existence. Once received its like a golden key which allows everyone to know and embrace who you really are! No need to hide one’s self for fear of being hurt…for he will always keep you in His loving embrace! A lady once told me that my poems were a “sweet conversation with God”. That is what he will bring to all of us if we listen and communicate our love back to Him! A awesome poem full of such breath taking beauty that comes from a heart that has found its true love again! Blessing to you, Mei, my sister!

  4. Dear Mei,
    As always it is my pleasure to comment on Your amazing posts.Today it is also an honor.I have never read before such brilliantly described theme about forgiveness.When someone(now You) describe something so vividly,when You’re left us without no more questions that means You spoke truth.
    You are amazing woman.
    With love and respect,

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