the dignity that mortgaged

the lamps weakly spreading its light let the yellow haze licking the road

as if it wanted to say frankly to the silent night

to expel those flirts women that offering their bodies

who’s waiting in the dim with friendly smile on their lips

hoping for men

looking for money

the windows shop are watching pity, seems like want to complain

but to whom?

all seemed do not want to know

anxiety and anger fenced, like storm in the world’s prison

seeking answers to the fate of some women that had been torn

heart struggling and the soul crying, but was unable to act

all just silent

all speechless

does the nature knows why some women had to pawn their dignity

there is no answer

not even a word

disappointment was laying unanswered

of the dignity that mortgaged

– mei –


3 thoughts on “the dignity that mortgaged

    • I agree. But there are some of them that do not care, just looking for short way considered easy without thinking of the consequences. Would you believe that among them there are housewives and students.

      Take care dear Sister.

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