a dream under the heaps of waste

Yesterday I met a little boy who was scavenging garbage in front of my house, and I had a couple of time talking to him.

what is your name?
(Rahmat means
how old are you?
at the age of 10th
he supposed at fourth grade of primary school
his father had gone since he was a baby
never return
four months ago
Rahmat had expelled from the school
his mother was unable to afford
since then Rahmat became scavenger
when I asked why he became scavenger
he said to help his mother
I asked again
is your mother work?
he said yes
she is a maid
but she got a small amount of salary
how small?
400 thousand
to pay the house rent 150 thousand
to pay the electricity 50 thousand
left only 200 thousand…, for eating
and it’s not enough
I was speechless
he looked down as if to hold his feeling
are you happy doing it?
no, but emak (mother) said I have to!
so what do you want?
I want to school
I want to become a ……, he looked at me
and asked what is the name for a person that operates an airplane
ya, I want to be a pilot
again, he looked down
then run away

Rahmat just one example of so many children in Indonesia which suffering.
There are thousands or even millions of children were intimidated by the greed of corrupt leaders.
If the school’s funding was in the right channel then there will be many children of nation whose future could be saved.
Wish I could attach Rahmat’s photo, but he avoided and runs away when I was about to shoot him.

a child has had lost his freedom
a child should be lost his childhood
a child should bear the burden which not his
a child might be losing his dream

May Rahmat obtained his grace as his named.
– mei –


12 thoughts on “a dream under the heaps of waste

  1. its same here in india too sister, and this hurts really deep. these children are shamelessly exploited, abused by the society. if well to do people who appoint these kids treated them right, with love and kindness things would have been a lot better for these helpless angels.

  2. Saya sangat tersentuh, Ibu Meiro. Saya sedang mempersiapkan diri untuk bisa melakukan perubahan untuk anak-anak seperti Rahmat. Inshaallah suatu saat kita bisa saling bahu-membahu membantu mereka.. 🙂

    Inshaallah bulan July saya ke Indonesia. Bulan July pertengahan kemungkinan saya ke Jakarta. Jika ada waktu saya akan bahagia bertemu Ibu Meiro.. 🙂

    Salam hangat,

    Subhan Zein

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