This country shaped like the head of a mare

Coming full gallop from far off Asia

To stretch into the Mediterranean

This country is ours

Bloody wrists, clenched teeth bare feet,

Land like a precious silk carpet

This hell this paradise is ours

Let the doors be shut that belong to others

Let them never open again

Do away with the enslaving of man by man

This plea is ours

To live! Like a tree alone and free

Like a forest in brotherhood

a poetry by Nâzım Hikmet Ran

6 thoughts on “Plea

  1. Beautiful Mei
    Everyone has a right to live free on their land
    and in their souls….Everyone…no acceptions
    my late father-in-law was the first person I ever met
    that thought like me..everyone has a right to their faith
    as long as you do not intentinally hurt anyone you have a place in
    the heavens…he was Moslem I am Pagan with belief in the Divine
    we had interesting conversations..he was an honorable man for
    he didn’t just “talk” his Faith…Belief….he Lived it everyday
    Take Care…

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