the lost imagination

I have no ideas

my imagination is lost

mind seemed have no meaning

I hope you can understand

that I have nothing to write


you may have the same experienced

at the moment

I could only read and read

then choose the best one

to share with you

now I re-read

and crossed my fingers

hope soon

I will find my lost imagination

– mei –


5 thoughts on “the lost imagination

  1. Yes I have experienced this on several occasions not only to put up a blog post but also if I am given a speaking assignment. But the moment I stop trying too hard and just ‘let go’ an idea does come up.

    Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.

  2. it’s resting..or absorbing somethng you haven’t noticed?
    when you will see a flower unfurling its petals with dewdrops glistening
    as the sun rises
    or hear the morning song of a bird by your window
    or as I wander through these words..there is so much creative energy
    I always enjoy your space…Mei
    Thank you for always invitting…
    Take Care…

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