a question to the wet pines

when I was walking among the trees
I heard the leaves talking
about your arrival
I immediately ran to welcome you

but I do not care

when I passed over the bridge
I heard the river whispering
that you had come
and actually you were not coming for me

I was not believe it

then when I was running through the meadow
they were singing a love song
for you had found a new love
and it was not me

this heart crying and the soul had torn
mixed with the pouring rain of tears
’cause you were not coming for me

in hurt
I want you to forget anything about me
and remove my name from memory
then you don’t have to be bothered to come for me

in disappointment
I want you not to  send a message or an invitation
to disclosing any reasons

it’s clear that you were not coming for me

let me be alone
let me find the answer
let me ask to the wet pines
why didn’t you came for me


– mei –

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