me and part of my journey

if I have to look forward
I do not know what kind of obstacle will be found
could be some twists
or pebbles and thorns
that need to stepped on
fallen tree or river to jumped over
or even deadlock
but it’s just a guess
I leave everything to Allah
while I take a rest
I try to recall over my life
which was not as smooth
as the road of my hope

I often making mistakes
I had to face kind of problems
I had to lost some people I’ve loved
and brought me familiar with sorrow
I have to pass through over various hurdles
to be tough
as what I think now
sssssssst ……., I am a crybaby
but that does not mean I am weak
mistakes has taught me to be more careful
problems  costed me to  be stronger
sorrow created me to be more steadfast
and remorse?
I hope it will not happen again
a dream?
I do have a very simple one
to always be a loving caring person
I realized it’s not easy
but I will try with the help of Allah
there is words that I believed

good intentions will bring good results
لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله
La hawla wala quwawata illa billah
(there is no initiative or ability except from Allah)
So this part of my journey
which I sincere accepted as blessing
though not perfect,
lot of mistakes
many problems
it reminds me that I am real
I am human
I am me


– mei –


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