dry in the hugs

when the sun began to set, the red of twilight dims
she staring far to the sky edges
with flowers in her grips

the white doves marching home, take along the hopes and dreams
flying among the dark gray clouds
avoid the promise to be fulfilled

the moon reluctant to smile, the stars twinkling lazy
the song of night start singing
penetrating deep into soul

the song of night sounded away, fading along with hopes
let the flowers dry in her hugs
carve the sorrow of waiting



– mei –


9 thoughts on “dry in the hugs

    • It’s okay brother, I often do the same thing. Sometimes we are busy with ourselves and forget that there are many things out there which we should know, or we might forget the blog we followed and only visit the blogs before us.
      Anyway thank you so much for the tour.

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