missing you (reblogged)

Many thanks to Milena, Genie, Wendell and The Tale of My Heart which remind me to share this poem to my fellow blogers which hasn’t read it.

m e i r o


whisper of yearning caressing,
as if you are here
the longing builds
like a storm on the horizon
tears falling
like rain with no doubt
tearing the heart that scratched
of losing you……,

as I watch you walk away,
I screamed and begged
“please…….. take me with you!”
but you keep walking away
the chains of lonely bind me again
waiting for you to release
and take me with you……,
though just a small part of my heart


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Audrey Hepburn

as you grow older,

you will discover that

you have two hands,

one for helping your self,

the other for helping others

– Audrey Hepburn –


– mei –