their dreams


be thankful
for a grain of rice that you eat

moreover if it making you full


be thankful
for a drop of water you drink

moreover if it eliminating your thirst


be thankful
for be protected from rain and heat

moreover if you having a house


be thankful
for receive a smile

moreover if that is a hug


be thankful
for a care received

moreover if it is affection


keep thankful
for anything you get and anything you have
because that is dream to those which does not get and have



– mei –


11 thoughts on “their dreams

  1. I’ve saved your poem with your credits so I can read it again and again and again. I lived in East Africa for a few years and did see some of this now and then. It wasn’t a normal occurance, but of course when famine, war, flooding, volcanoes, etc, happen…

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