this world without you

I can hear you cry but cannot see you

I could feel your pain but could not touch you
I seek for you but you are hiding
silent….. in your blue shade
up on the fragility of a woman
which dragged me into dilemma

woman ……
if I could dried your tears
if I could shared your pain
then we will cry together
but you just keep quiet
and I cried alone

woman ……
your beauty is a treasures
your sincerity is soul whispers
your existence is blessings
and your miracle is being born as a woman
you are destined to human presence
where the dreams of every man leaning
where the expectations of child depending
I am amazed and soluble in a thought
how lame this world without you
your charm captivates
with a smile as arrows
tears as the shield
that hides behind the fortress of beauty

oh woman
why should you covered in blue
which I cry for


– mei –