the poet

though you were dead

the words keep flying in mind

like feathers blowing in the wind

freely dancing  in the air

though you were dead

the stanzas still beautifully lilting

like the rhythm of water flowing

fill the cavity of empty soul

even though you were dead

you are still alive and

always be warm

in your poetry


– mei –

a cup of love


no …., not sweet promises that I expect
but just one word

no …., not persuasion that I expect
but just one word

no …., not the intimacy that I expect
but just one word

no …., not gold or diamonds that I ask
but just
a cup of your love

then ….
I would run into your arms
and announced the world that
I’m in love…


– mei –

her smile

her name is Layla
a woman who’s broke by love
her tears falling quietly
but she smiles

her name is Layla
a woman who trapped in the bitter of love
her heart shattered into pieces
but still she smiles

though passion has died
her soul still hovered in hope
thoughts was dragged into reverie
and living like a broken mirror

her name is Layla
a woman who wondering
whether there any love left
smiles unhesitatingly


– mei –


what love is
let it touch me
whether like gentle breeze
or terrible as hurricane

let me know
bring it into my dream
whether sweet as honey
or bitter as gall

oh poet
write a poem about love
create me as the lines of your poem
just to understand

at morning bird sings
awake without a tender touch
emptiness seeps to the recesses of soul
without love …… how fragile this life would be


– mei –

the puzzle of life

if have to be happy
why there is sorrow

if have to be love
why there is hatred

if have to die
why there is life

if there is peace
why there is war

it is confusing
not dare to think
moreover to choose

which one is right
which one is wrong

which one is good
which one is bad

it might be
the puzzle of life
but …, how to solved it


– mei –

His Light (reblogged)

His Light

no poetry for today

there are
thousand of words sitting in head
but none willing to stand up
to be marched in verses of poetry
the imagination is getting tired of waiting
and it went along with a day passing
they were unwilling to coöperate
really disappointing
nothing could do but wait
till they meet in a mood
O… so sorry
no one knows
perhaps later, … tomorrow
the day after tomorrow


– mei –

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who am I

I am not a cigarette
inhaled, removed and crushed

I am not a shadow
that missing in the dark

if you ask
who am I
even me do not know

maybe I am a visionary
who always haunt the mind

maybe I am a dreamer
who just living in the dream

I might be the verses of poem
which now read


– mei –

returned to dust

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Minah wants to be rich

come back home Minah….
without you I felt lonely
you’ve been gone for 4 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes
felt like thousand years
perhaps the clock works so slow
please be back my dear
I cannot live without you

… indeed I was wrong
  I’ve tried
to make you happy
but you know exactly how big my income is
I am just an administrative employees
how could be able to buy homes, cars and diamonds as you wish
do I have to corrupt?
you should be proud
for having me, Minah
poor but honest

Minah …., come home
I  miss you
trust me dear
my love is greater than houses, cars, diamonds
and even bigger than this earth

I promised
if later you come home
I will take you to ride the bus
we will see the lights at the Thamrin road
while eating the warm fried tofu
I bet you will be happy
so please come
I feel want to die
but better die than being a corrupter

didn’t I told you before?
for not too much chatting with neighbors

eventually turn out this way
Minah …., Minah


– mei –


o sky bird….
sows the seed of love to each empty heart
let the trees of compassion grow

o rain….
wets those dry and barren feelings
so the passionate of love could thrive

o earth….
let the roots of brotherhood spreads to each soul
to remove anger and envies

o wind….
blow the sense of love to the world
whisper the beauty of togetherness
invite them to unite in peaceful


– mei –

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my discordant voice

I played this song
to convey my admiration
of Thy greatness

the guitar strings
interlace the rhythm
to the verses of praise

I want you to listen
but I feel ashamed
because my voice is discordant

O Allah
I just realized
anyhow You will heard
though it sung in my heart


– mei –


the night is getting old
I closed the window
turn off the light
lay this body
on the mattress
and closed my eyes
sudden I remembered
gee ….
I forgot to say
“thanks for everything God”


– mei –