Minah wants to be rich

come back home Minah….
without you I felt lonely
you’ve been gone for 4 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes
felt like thousand years
perhaps the clock works so slow
please be back my dear
I cannot live without you

… indeed I was wrong
  I’ve tried
to make you happy
but you know exactly how big my income is
I am just an administrative employees
how could be able to buy homes, cars and diamonds as you wish
do I have to corrupt?
you should be proud
for having me, Minah
poor but honest

Minah …., come home
I  miss you
trust me dear
my love is greater than houses, cars, diamonds
and even bigger than this earth

I promised
if later you come home
I will take you to ride the bus
we will see the lights at the Thamrin road
while eating the warm fried tofu
I bet you will be happy
so please come
I feel want to die
but better die than being a corrupter

didn’t I told you before?
for not too much chatting with neighbors

eventually turn out this way
Minah …., Minah


– mei –

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