a trust


the knife that pierced so deep
may be not make screams

a basket of painful memories
may be not make tears falling

the poignant was…..
the trust given had been in vainly


– mei –


–  My big thank to Kamelkaka for the image  –


it is for me

This poem is a continuation of the earlier poems.
Visitors who have not read “was not for me, I suggested to read it first
before reading this one.



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another poem to be written

that dark blinded me…. blacken my view
unable to withstand the vibrations that felt
which run this hand to a piece of paper
to write

this poem
it is not a delusion
written with  feeling
as if there was no tomorrow
I swing the pen
follow the rhythm of soul
braid in beautiful words
which lull the heart
to whom this poem will be delivered?
“it’s up to the wind!”
whose reading this poem?
and me…..?
will stay here….

for the next vibrations to come
might be later or tomorrow
don’t know when
but there would be
another poem to be written


– mei –




I’m dancing in the dark
in a limited time
to help


I’m dancing in the dark
with a little light
to illuminate


I’m dancing in the dark
burned to died
for you


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gone with the reverie

if you are an idea

I will kiss you

if you are imagination

I will hug you

if you are words

I will fondle you

but you are just reverie

passed in instant

dragging my words along

left me staring at a blank paper


– mei –

destiny of the shadow

when you laugh
I also laugh
but I have no voices
when you cry
I want to hug you
but I was unable
it made me disappointed to myself
sometimes I looks vague
and sometimes so clearly
perhaps that’s the reasons of my presence remained on ignore
I was thinking that you were me
since the words that spoken was heard
and I do every thing you do
but you never ever care about me
whereas you cried so sadly
for those that be unfaithful
for those that hurts you so bad
for those that leave you
while me …
which always be with you
was never be seen…. moreover appreciated
I know, I sometimes seen vague or clearly
and have nothing to give… besides faithful
but I will always be with you
I will never harm you
just following in silent
it was my destiny
which must be accepted


– mei –


o love….

don’t let this heart seeking

dropped your petals on this heart

let the fragrance spreads out

to fill this empty soul with passion

come love…, please come

I’m tired of making out with blue

dwell in the solitude of a slowly decaying

let togetherness filled this vulnerable inner

with caring and compassion

o love…., live in me

reached out your strong sense

guide me through the darkness

let me stepped surely on the bridge of life

and fill your greatness in my days


– mei –

living for love

last night

I lay on the grass

and I remembered you

and thinking how the world was old

I am here and you were there

separated by distance


we all were living for love

as I was part of you, and you were all of me

all those beautiful words and memories

as the day’s page….. will passed

but it will stay in my remembrance

Happy Thanksgiving

my friends


– mei –

what is the difference

they are dirty
they stink
they beg
they are poor
they are not confident
whether they were sinned
to be left behind
they just lost
in the battle of life
whether they were sinned
indeed they are poor
but…, perhaps rich in heart

their clean
they are fragrance
their generous
they are rich
they are so confident
whether they were sacred
to be in priority
they just win
in the battle of life
whether they were not sinned
indeed they are rich
but…, perhaps poor in heart


– mei –

the gamble of love

the flavor of love
cradles the beauties
luring the pleasures
no reasons to be rejected
at the other side
disappointment shadowing
hopes shrouded by uncertainty
no signs of pain
no pictured of sadness

when love game begins
eyes were blind…, ears were deaf
vinegar tasted like wine
unwittingly shadowed by bitterness

her destiny was to be touched by the fingers of love
and created to sipped the wine of love
that always sweet at first
might be bitter at the end

that intoxicated by the poison of feeling
trapped in her love destiny

could become a hopeless drifter


– mei –

was not for me

play me a song
then I will dance for you

why you are so silent
is something bothering
tell me
I might could help

tell me……
if you’re sad…., then I will make you happy
if you’re lonely …., then I will be by your side
if there is something to say…., I will be a good listener
he looked at me in doubt
said “I miss her”

o sir
tell the wind
it will blow your longing to her

I run to the edge of the sky
while tears falling heavy as rain
the longing was not for me


– mei –

no problem…, no God

within this life

when there is no problem

we just stay quiet

enjoying the comfort

sunk in pleasure


when the problem came

we think

we move

we struggle against it


at such moment

we remember God

we asking and pleading
hoping to be  granted


– mei

to be human

Perhaps we need to have
Our heads bent to the ground
For a sense of connection
Maintaining a care, for each other
Alive and dying


    I’m glad my life isn’t perfect,
    I’m proud that I make mistakes,
    I’m happy I have my problems in life…
    It reminds me I’m real,
    I’m human… I’m me.

    – Mei Rozavian Wenyi*

Living the moral life matters
Where even dissent is conviction
The older we get
The more temporary things look
And yet the insistence
In those conjunctions;
Myth, fantasy or truth
They confound us, to be honest

Though we can speak of love
With heady proportions of trust
We are too small to measure
Ourselves against suffering
Ravaged by time we go on,
Outstretched to what we might do
Hence our search for meaning;
Out gaining everything
Except pain and loss

Perhaps we need to have
Our heads bent to the ground
For a sense of connection
Maintaining a care, for each other
Alive and dying
That grieves us and saves us
Grieves us and saves us

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biases of love

You created the bridge of love over the river of  life

and letting me wade alone….,

without guidance


You let the love’s bias slaps the vulnerable faith

to remind me before being immersed

in perverse

O Allah… O Rabbi

let Your love’s biases hitting me

again…and again

so as not be further

dissolved in contemptible


– mei –

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counting the sins

there is a place that I love to hear its name

known as a wonderful place

and they called it



there is also a place that I often hear its name

known as the hottest place

as they called it


I pondered and ask my self where should I go

whether heaven or hell

I really don’t know

so I think

better to begin counting my sins


– mei –

Altar of love (reblogged)

still the light ripples;
I love you,
place none above you


I built you an alter
with the god of happiness
a buddha,
a glass dolphin
a book of celtic prayers
golden words that caused such hope

And oft I think I see you
on the pier
by the seaside
or out to sea
over in the mizen
or up on the hill
where we made our heather bed,

under willows by the brook
my search continues
for the key to your world
feels vanquished
while the dragon is hiding the moon

still the light ripples;
I love you,
place none above you
I love you,
place none above you

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the impact of red roses

when I get a bunch of red roses at my door

without name…., no messages

this feeling says…. it’s you

but I am not so sure

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