counting the sins

there is a place that I love to hear its name

known as a wonderful place

and they called it



there is also a place that I often hear its name

known as the hottest place

as they called it


I pondered and ask my self where should I go

whether heaven or hell

I really don’t know

so I think

better to begin counting my sins


– mei –

6 thoughts on “counting the sins

  1. In daily reflection do not count your sins, but bring the wholeness of you before Him humbly and He will wash you and make you clean, and go to sleep in his grace and when the new morning sun arises, all has been cast deeply away, and the newness of life is yours to enjoy…for once God sends your sins away, they do not come back unless you invite them too again…do not look back, always move forward to complete the day for every day is a life unto itself, and God understands, that is why we kneel and pray at night for we know not if we will awaken the next day, that is why we ask Him to forgive that day’s sins. And if we awaken to the new day or to the even better day, the eternal one, your faith has been rewarded by this love and grace. A moving poem that makes one ponder and think but know that as you serve others, He will always bless you! ,

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