was not for me

play me a song
then I will dance for you

why you are so silent
is something bothering
tell me
I might could help

tell me……
if you’re sad…., then I will make you happy
if you’re lonely …., then I will be by your side
if there is something to say…., I will be a good listener
he looked at me in doubt
said “I miss her”

o sir
tell the wind
it will blow your longing to her

I run to the edge of the sky
while tears falling heavy as rain
the longing was not for me


– mei –

23 thoughts on “was not for me

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  2. Mei, excuse me for writing the obvious… when you love someone, they take something from us, something that can never be returned to us, for they keep that with them for all time. Time is poor healer, but the route source of our wounds, may heals with compassion.

    • Lee,
      I am with you in “something that can never be returned to us”…but I think not all of them will keep that with them for all time. Agree time is poor healer, and compassion might heal wounds, but for same wounds each person doesn’t have the same pain.

    • Hi Ivon, glad to have you here. I was traveling and found your page…and it was interesting for being there. Thank you so much for the visit, I will also often visiting you.

      Stay blessed,

      ps. I love your words in Hear from the heart

  3. There will always be a deep longing for you…by those who love and adore you. For now jewel is valued above another, unless there is one who values your presence as priceless, and you are a priceless gem. For just your words are worth more than life…more than breath….for your heart and pure spirit are truly beautiful! Wonderful poem Mei…truly wonderful!

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