the gamble of love

the flavor of love
cradles the beauties
luring the pleasures
no reasons to be rejected
at the other side
disappointment shadowing
hopes shrouded by uncertainty
no signs of pain
no pictured of sadness

when love game begins
eyes were blind…, ears were deaf
vinegar tasted like wine
unwittingly shadowed by bitterness

her destiny was to be touched by the fingers of love
and created to sipped the wine of love
that always sweet at first
might be bitter at the end

that intoxicated by the poison of feeling
trapped in her love destiny

could become a hopeless drifter


– mei –

5 thoughts on “the gamble of love

  1. Hello Mei, as you have succeeded at the ‘gamble of blogging’ I wanted to nominate you and your blog for a Leibster Award! Congratulations! I love your brand of what you do here and the canvas you put it on. Keep up your great work!

    If you want to play along to accept your award, take a look at my blog. It doesn’t take up much time this time!

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