what is the difference

they are dirty
they stink
they beg
they are poor
they are not confident
whether they were sinned
to be left behind
they just lost
in the battle of life
whether they were sinned
indeed they are poor
but…, perhaps rich in heart

their clean
they are fragrance
their generous
they are rich
they are so confident
whether they were sacred
to be in priority
they just win
in the battle of life
whether they were not sinned
indeed they are rich
but…, perhaps poor in heart


– mei –

14 thoughts on “what is the difference

  1. I can never judge one by appearance, i try to see with a spiritual eye, in our lives we will all have many things happen to us…we will suffer loss of love, of family, of friends of job, of money of so many things…those who suffer lift them, those who have less give to them, those who are unhappy, embrace with your smile, a reflection of the Holy love within you, those who are homeless help and guide them. for you never know when it might be you!!! Harvest times of plenty and few come and go…but love always stays…be the shining gift of love and share it making life a little bit better for another…Mei your heart and spirit always shines like gold and your words are a radiant food to anothers spirit…that is why It is easy to love you for all you do and share. Blessings for another lovely poem my dear sister!

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