living for love

last night

I lay on the grass

and I remembered you

and thinking how the world was old

I am here and you were there

separated by distance


we all were living for love

as I was part of you, and you were all of me

all those beautiful words and memories

as the day’s page….. will passed

but it will stay in my remembrance

Happy Thanksgiving

my friends


– mei –

6 thoughts on “living for love

  1. One in His spirit and always one in His love Mei! Your words are always so very moving and inspiring. What i get from them always fills the empty spaces inside and brings that reminder of how important and how great the impact is of having real friends, sisters and brothers in our lives for they help us to blossom and grow through good times and bad. And though separated by a distance the distance always becomes shorter by the the grace that we receive from the hearts and spirits that are really important to us. I am blessed that way be so many who poems inspire me every night and day. It is important to me when i write that i might lift the hearts and spirits of my love ones! I always write for the Lord first, and after being embraced by that special love i always try to lift my friends and make them smile . You will always be special to me because of your precious Heart and the realness that you always share, you have always embraced my dear sister, and i will always embrace you! The best gift one can give in this world, the most treasured of all is to share that pure spiritual love that God fills us with to share with all He sends our way! You are a jewel to me, and since i was not by a computer yesterday as we had family come in from St Louis…Happy belated thanksgiving to you…as your are my family also…blessings to you and i leave you a smile from my heart as you also do for me and many others every day! Much love to you my sister!

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