for you….


with beautiful pictures….. you color my views
with stunning words….. you brighten my days
with criticism and comments…. you taught me
so that I understand
the meaning of sharing
and cultivate me grown better
it’s priceless ….. really priceless
as a tribute and my gratitude
I would like to give the world to you
but unfortunately ….. I was unable
just a glimmer of sincere affection
from the bottom of my heart
for you….., my friends
thank you so much
“Blessed be!”



My deep gratitude to your love and supports gave to me in
my 2 years blogging and achieved 700 followers.


– mei –

My grateful to a dear friend Kamelkaka for this beautiful image.


8 thoughts on “for you….

  1. Mei,
    This is the first time that I have had the time to read some of the poems that you’ve written and they are quite beautiful. There is a light sweetness in your words that is very refreshing. Thank you for your visit to my site and for your nice comment on my humble efforts.

  2. mei,

    With such sincerity and sweetness, and with such beautiful poetry, you should have 70,000 followers!

    This is a particularly sweet poem. The opening triplet alone is very intense.

    And wait a minute! An Eva Cassidy song?! That is a wonderful touch…a great artist…it is so sad that she died so young, just as she was becoming really famous. I am glad her memory lives on in other people’s hearts too!


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