live in the cup of death, dead in the cup of life.

Another beautiful verses by Gibran


Oh, Lord, what has a woman done that hath offended Thee?

What sin has she committed to deserve such a punishment?

For what crime has she been awarded everlasting castigation?

Oh, Lord, Thou art strong, and I am weak.
Why hast Thou made me suffer pain?

Thou art great and almighty,
while I am nothing but a tiny creature crawling before Thy throne.
Why hast Thou crushed me with Thy foot?

Thou art a raging tempest, and I am like dust;
why my Lord…., hast Thou flung me upon the cold earth?

Thou art powerful, and I am helpless; why art Thou fighting me?

Thou art considerate, and I am prudent; why art Thou destroying me?

Thou hast created woman with love, and why, with love, dost Thou ruin her?

With Thy right hand dost Thou lift her, and with Thy left hand dost Thou
strike her into the abyss, and she knows not why.

In her mouth Thou blowest the breath of Life,
and in her heart Thou sowest the seeds of death.

Thou dost show her the path of happiness,
but Thou leads her in the road of misery;
in her mouth Thou dost place a song of happiness,
but then Thou dost close her lips with sorrow and dost fetter her tongue with agony.

With Thy mysterious fingers dost Thou dress her wounds,
and with Thine hands Thou drawest the dread of pain round her pleasures.
In her bed Thou hidest pleasure and peace, but beside it Thou dost erect obstacles and fear.

Thou dost excite her affection through Thy will,
and from her affection does shame emanate.

By Thy will Thou shows her the beauty of creation,
but her love for beauty becomes a terrible famine.

Thou dost make her drink life in the cup of death,
and death in the cup of life.

Thou purifiest her with tears, and in tears her life streams away.

Oh, Lord, Thou hast opened my eyes with love, and with love Thou hast blinded me.

Thou hast kissed me with Thy lips and struck me with Thy strong hand.

Thou has planted in my heart a white rose,
but around the rose a barrier of thorns.


Selma’s prayer (Gibran’s lover) when she had to marry a man she did not love.
Quoted from “The Broken Wings.” by Khalil Gibran


– mei –

9 thoughts on “live in the cup of death, dead in the cup of life.

  1. Ah, I read this poem years and years ago, and read it again, and read it again. Never get bored. Now I’m reading a biography about him, and found some astounding, if not shocking facts about him.

    The man is definitely a real marvel, despite his own admission as a false alarm, a prophet who cannot live to his own precepts. Nevertheless, his works are undeniably beautiful strings of wisdom that will go beyond generations to ponder for those who want to reap the sweet fruit he offered. And this is something I learn a lot from him.

    Thank you for sharing this, Bu Meiro. I would love to share it in my FB page, as well, with your permission. Many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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