His answers


I asked God to omit my problems.
His answer:
No…, your problems not for eliminated but need to be defeated.

I asked God to heal my disability
His answer:
No…, your body is just temporarily but keep your soul to be perfect

I asked God to give me patience
His answer:
No…, patience is the result of trouble not for given but to be learned

I asked God to bless me
His answer:
No…, I had give you thankfulness so your life will never be in lacked.

I ask God to keep me away from suffering
His answer:
No…, suffer will keep you away from worldly attention but bring you closer to me.

I asked God to grown my faith
His answer:
No…, your faith has to grow itself but I will prune to quickly bear the fruit

I ask God to give me everything so I could enjoy life
His answer:
I gave you life to enjoy everything.

I ask God to help me love others as He loves me.
Then He said:
“Hmm….. finally you understood”


– mei –


39 thoughts on “His answers

  1. Spiritual yet God knows the best for each one of us.A poem of pryers.Have a merry Christmas and joyous new year.thank you for keeping in touch.jalal

  2. Your message is so inspiring in your poem, you always write something better than before that is why i love your selfless heart, because you are always giving us treasures which leave a lasting impression. I am always thankful for the whole you whom i have come to love deeply my sister. You are an illuminating life-light, which will lead many to change and embrace the unseen hands that give life. Much love to you alway Mei!

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