if we look back on our life,
we see pain,

but wait a minute

just see in the mirror,
there is strength,
learned lessons,
pride in our self

keep looking ahead
and believe
that tomorrow is a promise


Dear past,
thank you for your lessons.
Dear future.
I am ready.
Dear God.
thank you for another year.



– mei –



31 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Hey Mei,

    Found my way to your site this morning and what a treat – full of resonances in my soul…. Love the visual look you have shaped and this poem in particular. that active dynamic beteen pain & suffering – joy and insight is also a key theme for me too, which I explore in my work. Great to have found you, via dear Mahnaz…

    With love & light
    Scott x

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  3. Happy New Year, Meiro. You always seem to have the right words for an event or occaision, and this was no exception. Learn from the past as you look to the future. What a wonderful attitude toward life. Now if we could get the rest of the world in line with this idea it would truly be a happy new year. All the best to you and all you hold dear.

  4. Mei, forgive me for I am not very poetic (you may have seen that one attempt on Christmas) but I do want to wish you a new year that just gets better and better. May good health and lots of happiness be yours, along with accomplishing your goals. Thanks for your beautiful thoughts and illustrations this year. All the best,


  5. Wishing you the Very Best of Yet to Come in 2013
    may you thirst for standing in courage and lighting the way
    may you drink of the source of light
    may you hunger for the road paved with kindness
    may you feed the soul with steps in compassion and empathy
    may you taste the words of grace and divine
    may you breath into the soul all you consume in love
    may you hear the song of your heart
    may you sing it every chance you get
    may you see all the good here and beyond
    may you give and receive what has touched your spirit
    may you be You
    in all the many colors of the rainbow
    where the promise is more of the Very Best Yet to Come Within you….
    Happy New Year to You and Your family Mei..
    I am honored to have you touch my life in so many ways with your thoughts and Kind words…
    Take care….
    You Matter…
    Blessed Be

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