the song of bamboo leaves



I slowed my step

watching the lodge carefully

the bamboo leaves was increasingly shade and skewed

but the lodge was still the same

as the last time I came

nothing has changed

when I opened the door

as if I saw my grandmother

sitting in her rocking chair

staring out the window…. humming

then I see myself come, clinging and question her

you are humming grandmother,…. what song?

oo ….  just follow the song of bamboo leaves my dear

a dragonfly passed by in front of my face

disperse my musings

I enter the lodge and sit on grandma’s rocking chair

try to understand the thing that she did

in silence …. I began to hear

a lovely song

I let it flow within this soul

to blend with the memories of my childhood

the song of bamboo leaves

filled my longing of grandma’s warm hug


– mei –