if yes is the answer


Let me be the verses of love

to be with you in solitude

and fill the lonely nights

with dreams


Let me be the verses of life

to wet the barren of your hope

and strengthen the fragile soul

with confidence Ā 


let me be the verses of song

to entertain the sadness

and lifted your passion

through the tones


take me

if yes is the answer

in your memory

in your heart

in your days


– mei –



30 thoughts on “if yes is the answer

  1. Yup, my dear Meiro – loving the passion and this really hits the spot… ‘take me’ indeed!

    As a kindred poet, both in word and soul, a couple of tweaks to suggest here (around tenses etc.) ‘wets’ should be ‘wet’ I think? and ‘lifted’ be ‘lift’? Also reckon ‘barren’ needs a noun as well – something like ‘echo’ maybe? Or whatever seems right to you… Look forward to that and continuing our creative dialogue.

    With Love & Light Scott x

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