the whisper of femininity





close your eyes for a moment

take a deep breath

carefully hear it

the soul of your femininity is whispering

please realize that you are beautiful as a rose

feel  the fragrant and spread it

show the beautiful color with proud

but hide your thorns if not necessary

let the vision be the guidance

allow the mission to clear your path

as you step boldly for being a wonderful woman

you’ve been created for life’s sweetness and bitterness

and ready to jump over the obstacles

again…., take a deep breath

you are lovely as butterfly

feel  the beauty of the wings

keep up to always be strong

to fly if you were not appreciated nor respected

and inappropriate to be underestimated

you are so valuable

now….  open your eyes

it’s time to live it with confidence

but fly away….

if you’re self-esteem was trampled


– mei –