would never be enough




on your wrinkled face
marched the unending love

on your fragile bones
engraved the countless sacrifices

through your breath
blew the unceasing prayers

just for me

mom….., for you
a world-wide of thank you
would never be enough


– mei –


photo credit : American Native Graphic



47 thoughts on “would never be enough

  1. How effortlessly and eloquently your few words have touched the heart, Mei. Indeed our lives are blessed by that one “unceasing prayer”… We as daughters are borne only once, but a mother is borne through us every time she gives birth — most of the times into more hardships — yet, enduring any pain and turning each sigh into a life-long lullaby for us.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this with us — a mirror to see our own faces in!
    May Allah always keep your compassionate soul as beautiful.
    Much Love.

  2. If not for those who came before, who lived only for us, then we wouldn’t be…
    Now it is our turn to live for ours…

    Having been a father for more than a quarter of a century, I get every word. Having been a husband for just as long, I know there is a bond between mother and child that I will never get.

    Great stuff

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