withered before bloom



a  flower withered before bloom
undermined by an amoral father
destroy a half of her soul
cuts her entire dream


the withered petals floating
among the bubbles of hatred
bobbing above a pool of tears
wondering when will its end


a part of her soul  been vanished
empty like a starless night
she has no wills

live …. without life


– mei –




36 thoughts on “withered before bloom

  1. To embrace your words, is to embrace your pain, your heart, your sadness, and yet one also embraces the love found within your self-less heart, and the hope, and beautiful faith within, .and in that embrace I smile, because of the great treasure that still lives so vibrantly in all that you share! Your words, the sweet expression of your soul, will always a be a lovely jewel to me dear sister! God bless!

  2. A lot of sadness in this. Women across the world are sometimes subject to terrible abuses. Perhaps, the only thing that keeps them going is their dreams and dogged desire to live through it all. As empowered people, it is our duty to highlight these aspects of a woman’s life. Thank you for putting up such a sensitive post. Really appreciate it.

  3. Hello Mei,
    The sadness in this poem, I could attach to so many stories that I’v read recently in the news. I am perplexed at how so many of our world’s cultures treat their girls and women so poorly and cruelly. It breaks my heart. Your poem was a wonderful tribute to their plight.

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