the bitter-sweet of reality



if she glances the leaves would fall

if she smiles the birds would also smile

and when she hummed the grass would sway

her charm tempts the butterflies

her fragrance invited bees

she is the rose

growing in the wild bush

she possessed the beauty

that used as the decoy

to sell a momentary pleasure

filled her days with ecstasy

dedicate her life for money

sank so deep into contemptible

and hard to rise to the surface


the winds of change are always blowing

changed the pleasure with regret

replace the ecstasy with pain

that occurred cannot be canceled

the beauty she possessed

cannot be used as the shields of sorrow

the bitter-sweet of reality has to swallowed


– mei –




19 thoughts on “the bitter-sweet of reality

  1. I’ve always been a wanderer…and seem to go where I need to see or hear something..
    Today it was your whisper I hear…and your words that I take within me and think on…
    This is so beautiful..the sadness is haunting in the shadows of the rose….
    Thank you…
    Take Care Mei…You Matter Much more than you know…

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